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Give First Global Connects Business Owners with Vetted PPE Supplies. We Partner with Innovative American Manufacturers and Trustworthy Global Suppliers to Get Essential Workers Safer Gear.
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Give First Global was born out of necessity. As we watched the escalation of COVID-19 hot spots around the world and across our nation we knew the procurement and distribution of life-saving resources could be done better. As a company, we acted to make a difference by providing quality PPE supplies that are accessible and affordable.

You Probably Didn't Know

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isopropyl alcohol is recommended by the CDC as an effective hand sanitizer
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Americans think the economy is reopening too quickly compared to 15% earlier this month
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Americans say they are concerned about being infected by the coronavirus, up from 69% in early June
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Americans said that they used a face mask while going out in public in the last week and 11% said they did not

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COVID-19 patients could not identify a person with COVID-19 with whom they had close contact in the last 2 weeks!

Did You Know

In the USA, $799M has been lost in the past months to fraudulent mask schemes!

Forbes - 05/27/2020

Did You Know

Less than 20% of mask buyers and sellers are legitimate, estimates Alexis Wong, a Hong-Kong based mask exporter…

The Seattle Times - 05/18/2020

Did You Know

New York paid $69M for ventilators that never showed up!!!

New York Post - 04/29/2020

Did You Know

When supplies do arrive, they can be subpar, with some foreign-made masks lacking proper fastening mechanisms, and others unable to filter out as little as 10% of air particles - according to the CDC...

KTBS.com - 05/28/2020

Did You Know

An Atlanta Man faces 20 years for attempted $750M COVID-19 PPE Scam

ABC News - 04/11/2020

Did You Know

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state said state officials have struggled to find domestic and international suppliers, In a letter to President Trump last month, Inslee said he has tried to buy $400 million in equipment, but only 10 percent of orders have been filled

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