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The number one thing we’re going to do is to take out any subjective claims. So we don’t say something like you’re the most connected guy on the planet. It’s gotta be bulleted. It’s gotta be names and numbers. So it is like the gentleman you were just talking about the six Sigma guy. Is he a client of yours?
  • (Media with Names) Will be that you have been featured on media, including blank, blank, blank
  • (Spoken to Organizations) You have spoken to such organizations as blank, blank, blank
  • Produced Events that have featured such internationally respected thought leaders as blank, blank, blank, Peter Diamandis of the X prize, Tony Hsieh, Chip Conley (Founders of Fortune 500 Companies)
  • What businesses have you dealt with internationally (Made introductions on their behalf, etc.)
  • Needs to say you have facilitated connections, which have resulted in multimillion dollar deals, between blank and blank.

What you’re selling here is your ability to take two people who don’t know each other and bring them together and produce a mutually beneficial bottom line, multi million dollar win.

Some of the people who have attended my invite only events include Tony Robbins, Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Peter Guber Owner of the Golden State Warriors, Governor of Utah, the assistant Treasury secretary, Peter Diamandis founder of the X Prize, Harvey Mackay, Brandon Chapman of The Grammy’s

Larry Benet is often considered one of the most connected people on the planet.

He is a dealmaker, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and public speaker.

He is the founder of Give First Global, a socially-conscious medical supply distribution company focused on bringing reliability to the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) space.

He formed Give First Global around a culture of giving; proceeds from each sale are donated to worthy causes like supporting our frontline and essential workers.

Larry’s sees the global Covid pandemic and supply chain challenges in the PPE space as a way to help reinvigorate American manufacturing and does as much as he can to send business to American manufacturers.

Larry Benet is one of the world’s leading experts on relationship selling. He is featured as a connection expert with Forbes and INC magazine, CNN, Fox, ABC, and NBC.

Forbes says he is one of the top networking experts around and INC magazine says Benet is one of the best-connected people in business.

Larry’s network is responsible for a staggering amount of deal flow and job creation. Benet’s philosophy is simple, being better connected generates more business and better outcomes in less time.

As Co-Founder of SANG, Larry hosted some of the world’s top business thought leaders for his invite-only events including: Tony Robbins; Patron founder, John Paul Dejoria; Utah Governor, Gary Herbert; Tony Hsieh of Zappos; Paula Abdul; Peter Guber, Owner of the Golden State Warriors, and many others.

Larry has shared the stage with Dr Phil, Jay Leno, Stephen Covey, and Michael Douglas, and singer Vanilla Ice

More importantly, it’s his life’s mission to build value for everyone that he connects with. It is these long-lasting relationships with C-Level executives, sales and business development professionals, creative artists, and virtually anyone who is focused on harnessing the tremendous power of connected relationships that differentiates Larry Benet.

He is the author of the upcoming book, Connection Currency: How to Get What You Want Faster than You Have Ever Thought Possible. Watch this space.

He is passionate about helping the homeless and our military vets get back on their feet and into the workforce

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