Frequently Asked Questions

Forbes and Inc Magazine consider me one of the most connected people in the world.

My invite-only business events have been attended by everyone from Treasury Secretaries, Governors, to thought leaders like Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey to members the Forbes 400.

We sourced a trailer truck full of hand sanitizer for the largest technology company in the world when hand sanitizer was scarce. We did something similar wipes when there were no wipes to be found.

It’s the wild, wild west right now in the new frontier of PPE fulfillment. There is no real oversight or quality control so with the high demand of large organizations looking to fill orders fast the risk of being ripped off is higher than ever in this relatively new industry.

The burden really falls on the buyer to get it right. I don’t expect this to change anytime soon. This where Give First Global comes in as a one-stop solution to all your PPE needs. We have made it our #1 priority to vet suppliers and provide all the due diligence upfront in order to reduce the time and risk for buyers just like you.

Give First Global prefers to work with American manufacturers and depending on the size of your order it’s most likely to be delivered by UPS trucks.

Whether you use us or someone else we really want you to get what you need! Although we truly want to win your business, we put the relationship first by always making sure you not only get the answers you need but that you also know the right questions to ask.

That’s right, most buyers aren’t even asking the right questions before placing large orders of PPE. If for no other reason you should be on the phone with us today to talk about the right ways to interview suppliers and buy their supplies.

Fill out the brief Contact Form so we know your immediate needs, quantities, and deadline. One of our consultants will call you back within the hour, if not immediately.

Give First Global gives to causes that support Communities in need of Pandemic Relief, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Seniors and Children, Civil Rights, Veterans, Community-Enrichment, Education, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, LGBT Support, and Poverty. The amount given is based upon a combination of our sales as well as the money we might raise for COVID-19 relief in the States.

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